Important Checks with Onsite Office Cleaners

There is nothing more fulfilling than working in a very clean environment. A blissful and productive work environment is important for your success. Cleaning should not be limited to the inside. It should also extend to the outside part of your office. And it should offer you customised options that meet your budget. In light of this, you definitely would want to get services that are centred on your needs. Take time to source for the best contract solutions specialised in office cleaning. Do your research well to get the best match for your cleaning needs. If you value your office, here are important things to do while working with office cleaners.

Dealing with cleaning emergencies  

For all business people like you, time is a very valuable resource. Therefore, you need rapid response to your cleaning requirements. Good office cleaners should respond well during emergency cases and save you on time and money. If you can get a service that works 24/7, then that would be a great option for you. Your cleaning service provider should be able to move very fast to attend to your office upon your request.

Cleaning ethics and standards 

Professional cleaners show commitment to quality and proven standards through the investment they have made in their tools and equipment. Your service provider should offer effective communication channels for discussion of any problems, concerns or assistance when a special clean arises. Get to know whether the cleaning chemicals used are safe and recommended for use by a well-known certifying authority.

Organized cleaning and movement of office items

Office cleaners entering your workplace must act professionally to keep the image of your office. It is very important for the cleaners to act with respect to other members in your office. This includes visitors, members of staff, your customers and your operations in general. It is important for any cleaning service to observe order and reduce any form of disruption.  Most importantly, they should show high standards of safety awareness towards potential hazards and risks during their work.

Flexibility with the scope of cleaning    

You don’t need the help of anyone who doesn’t have a thorough idea of what to do. Your service provider should go beyond a normal and regular cleaning process to create a clean and safe office. Look for a flexible company that will customize your needs and meet your requirements. It should be a service that is highly alert, open to discussing your needs and very reliable. Professional cleaners know how to advise on making your office a better working environment. Go for such. For more information, contact a business such as Crystal Waters Cleaning Services.


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How To Grow Ornamental Japanese Maples In Containers

The Japanese maple (or Acer) is a popular ornamental tree grown for its pretty spring flowers, glorious autumn foliage and graceful lines.  Japanese maples are perfect for small gardens, and many of the varieties available at your local wholesale nursery can be grown in containers and thrive in sheltered sites like patios. 

Here’s how to grow and care for an ornamental Japanese maple in a container.

How to plant your Japanese maple

What you’ll need

  • Japanese maple sapling
  • large clay plant pot or urn and clay ‘feet’
  • loam-based compost (available from the nursery)
  • decorative mulch
  • broken crocks (old clay plant pots are fine for this)

How to do it

  1. Start by placing a layer of crocks in the bottom of the pot.  The crocks help the compost to drain so that it doesn’t become waterlogged around the tree’s roots.  
  2. Stand the container on clay ‘feet’ to help with drainage.  
  3. Fill the pot to half-way with compost.  Remove the maple from its container and place it in the centre of the pot.  
  4. Keeping the tree upright, infill around it with compost, firming down gently until the tree is stable.  
  5. Top-off the compost with a layer of mulch.  
  6. Water the maple thoroughly.

Care of your Japanese maple

Site your maple in a sheltered, semi-shaded spot.  Direct sunlight can be rather harsh and will cause leaf scorch, as can dry winds.  It’s important to keep your maple well-watered but not absolutely soaked.  The tree’s roots are vulnerable to frost damage, so wrap the container in bubble-wrap during the winter months.

Over time, compost loses its nutrients and you’ll need to bolster what it offers by feeding your tree.  Give the tree a feed with a slow-release fertiliser in the spring or early summer as the growing season begins. 

Maples are slow-growing, but you will need to re-pot your tree into a larger container every couple of years to keep it healthy.  Choose either the autumn or very early spring for this job, when the plant is ‘resting’.  Disturbance during the growing season can harm the plant.

You’ll need to prune your Japanese maple annually to keep it healthy and to encourage it to grow into a nice shape.  The best time of year for this job is during the winter months when the plant is dormant.  If you prune the tree during the growing season, it will ‘bleed’ sap, and this can damage it or allow disease to enter.

Maples naturally grow into a graceful, attractive shape, so keep pruning to a minimum.  All you really need to do is remove any crossing shoots or dead branches at the base where they join the trunk.

In conclusion

Japanese maples make lovely ornamental trees to grow in containers.  Follow the guidelines above to care for your tree, and contact your local wholesale nursery if you need any further advice.

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How to Give an Old Timber Floor a New Lease of Life

You may have bought an old home and you may be wondering what you can do to make its neglected floor attractive once again. This article discusses some measures that you can use to restore the attractive appearance of that wooden floor.  

Grime and Polish

Over time, wooden floors can accumulate layers of grime if the homeowner is not very particular about maintaining that floor. You may also wish to change the type of polish used on the wooden floor. Avoid sanding the timber floorboards, because the sanding machine will destroy the grain structure that the wood takes on as it ages. Instead, use turpentine, a cabinet scraper and wire wool to remove the layers of varnish, grime or polish. Use natural wax to enhance the beauty of that floor after you have cleaned it. For instance, you can use beeswax to polish it.  

Gaps in the Boards

Changes in humidity may have caused the floorboards to shrink, leaving gaps between the planks. Do not buy pieces of timber from a timber store and fill the different gaps in the floor. This will disrupt the uniformity of the planks, since the newly installed ones may not look identical to the original floor planks. Instead, remove all the floor panels and re-lay them so that they are close to each other. You can then use the purchased plank to fill the gap left at the end of the floor.


Wooden floorboards can also curve upwards if their two sides (the lower side and the upper side) are exposed to varying levels of humidity. The best way to deal with this problem is to identify the source of the moisture (such as a leaking water pipe), and then fix it so that no extra moisture or humidity gets to the floorboards. Then, dry the wet side so that it contracts to the same extent as the dry side. For example, if the panel has the shape of an archery bow, the inner side of the bow “legs” is the dry side that contracted while the outside curve represents the wet side that absorbed moisture and expanded. Put the board outside so that the wet side is exposed to the sun. Keep observing the change in the cupping until the board regains a uniform level of straightness. You can use a carpentry plane to remove the last signs of cupping.

It may be advisable for you to contact a timber floor expert at the timber store near you for advice on the different restoration steps discussed above. He or she will be in the best position to give you suggestions on the best way to restore that wooden floor. For instance, he or she can tell you the best locally applicable way to restore cupped floorboards to their straight shape without causing any discoloration of your delicate timber.

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5 reasons a wool quilt will help you sleep easy this winter

As the seasons change and the weather heats up many Australians are switching between their winter weight quilts and summer weight quilts. If you are looking to upgrade your summer bedding, here are some reasons to consider switching to a wool quilt from a company like Luxor Linen

Moisture control

If you tend to be a sweaty sleeper, particularly in the warmer months, wool can be a great option. By naturally absorbing moisture, it creates a more comfortable sleeping environment, especially on warm nights. Sleeping in a moist environment can aggravate excema and other skin conditions, so sleeping in a wool quilt can be more comfortable, especially those with sensitive skin.

Natural temperature control

While wool is often associated with warmth, it is naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter. While you might opt for a heavier weight wool quilt in winter, this does make wool an ideal option for summer and transitional months, providing a much more even body temperature for the sleeper. If you share a bed with someone who favours a different temperature this can be a great benefit as the wool can adjust to both of your natural body temperatures.

Naturally hypoallerginic

As the weather gets warmer, another natural change is an uptick in pollen as the native flowers start blooming. This can set allergies to run high, so having bedding that is naturally hypoallerginic is a great way to lower the overall allergen load for people who suffer from hayfever or other seasonal allergies. Not having an itchy face or runny nose can obviously help to make you sleep easier at night!

Flame retardant

Many house fires start and spread while the occupants are asleep, particularly from sparking electrical equipment or smouldering candles or cigarettes. While it’s best to avoid these sources of ignition obviously, wool is naturally flame retardant and indeed wool was traditionally used in fire blankets. This can help anxious folks to sleep more easily knowing they are a little more safe under wool.

Even appearance

While wool is not as fluffy as down quilts, it has a much smoother and more elegant profile. This is an ideal appearance for people with modern bedrooms, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. 

With all of these reasons to switch to wool there is no excuse to wait any longer. Why not upgrade your summer quilt today to a brand new wool quilt and reap the benefit of an easy night’s sleep?

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Private Patios | 4 Creative Ways To Add Decorative Privacy To Your Patio Space

With houses being constructed closer together, it’s natural to feel like your patios and backyards no longer have the same level of privacy you desire. Luckily, some creative ideas will help you create the private patios you desire without having to make a monumental effort. Depending on your patio space, you can use these innovative ways to turn patios into private havens without compromising on their decorative appeal. 

Add Hanging Pots Tiers 

You can add both shade and privacy to your patio by adding tiers of hanging pots with overflowing plants fastened to multi-layered hanging potholders. When looking for hanging plants to add privacy, look for fuller plants that cover the border of the pots. Fuller plants will cover more of your patio space to give you the solace you need. You can place these hanging pot tier holders along corners of your patio to control your privacy. When shopping at a nursery, look for full-bodied flowering plants like begonias, camellias and azaleas to add secluded privacy and vibrant colour. 

Install Privacy Screens 

The biggest advantage of privacy screens is their flexibility of movement. They can be moved around different parts of the patio to control the privacy desired. Privacy screens are available in different colours, materials and sizes, so decide what you want before purchasing one. Since you are using the privacy screen for your outdoor patios, be sure to use weatherproof materials like bamboo, wood and PVC materials. Installing privacy screens is an excellent way to add decorative appeal, while creating a private little retreat.  

Add Trellises with Growing Vines 

Trellises provide another excellent opportunity to uplift the appearance of a patio with their visual impact. This decorative structure is usually made from interwoven pieces of wood, metal or bamboo. Further privacy can be added to patios by growing vines on the trellises that cover them. Vines like morning glory, clematis, golden hops, climbing hydrangea, jasmine and bougainvillea grow beautifully on supportive trellises to add both visual appeal and practical privacy to patios. Check what vines are available at your local nursery before settling on your final choice. 

Place Plants in Elevated Garden Pots 

Another simple but effective way to add privacy is to place your plants in elevated garden pots around the edges of your patio space. These elevated garden pots will add height to most of your plants, flowers and shrubs, while giving your patio space a delightful tropical feel. Placing your elevated garden pots close together will create a private wall covering to give you the seclusion you desire in your patio. Your local nursery is likely to have different pots of varying heights, so be sure to check out some options for your patio. 

Use these creative privacy ideas to turn patios into secluded havens for you and your family to enjoy. 

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Ready Made Curtains | 3 Vital Considerations For Introducing The Perfect Curtain To Your Home

Ready made curtains are excellent and economical choices for most rooms because they embellish and add character to the area beautifully. Since they are available off-the-rack, they tend to be cheaper than custom-made curtains. But while you’re probably thinking that you’ll have an easy choice when buying ready made curtains, think again! You’ll need to consider size, colour and gathers to get the right curtains for your rooms. This guide is designed to help you choose the right ready made curtains for your home.

Take Measurements Based on Preference

Even though you’ve decided to go the ready made way, different styles come in different lengths and sizes, so you’ll want to measure your window width and length to determine the size you require. You can look for curtains in the category of the width and length needed. For example, some homeowners may prefer larger floor-to-ceiling wide curtains, while others may prefer sill-length curtains that simply cover the length and breadth of the window. Measure the size of the curtain pole to help you with width. When it comes to length, you can choose curtains at a windowsill level, below windowsill level or floor level.  

Consider the Gathering You Desire

Curtains with gathers have a pleated, bunched or looped look to add more style and character to the drapery. Without gathers, curtains look like flat fabric pieces with no personality. You can choose the type of gathering based on your personal style and existing home décor. For example, pencil pleated curtains are pulled into thin bunches at the top to give the effect of a row of pencils standing together. They are perfectly suited to vintage and older style homes with elaborate furnishings. Eyelet curtains are more contemporary, where the top of the curtain has large openings for looping into the pole, forming consistent large pleats ­­–– ideal for people that enjoy uniformity.

Choose a Colour that Refreshes the Room with Style

When it comes to colour choices, you can blend in with the existing walls and décor by using the same colour tone in a darker or lighter shade, or you can choose to highlight your curtain drapery by choosing an offbeat colour that creates added personality. Choosing similar colours in different tones gives the room a more formal finish, while choosing an unconventional colour is better suited to more casual spaces. For example, a neutral curtain in neutral living room décor adds a degree of elegant formality. If you want to get funky with colours, you could add bright red or blue curtains to your pale yellow bedroom walls for a refreshing change.

If you have an evo track curtain heading system, be sure to look for ready made curtains that fit into this technology. Follow these vital considerations when choosing curtains for your home.

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