Tips to Incorporating a Deck to a Limited Space

For some homeowners, a deck is not only an entertainment space but also a living space. However, some homeowners may feel that the space available to them is too prohibitive for them to entertain the addition of a deck. The good news is that through proper planning with deck builders, you can always find a way of creating this outdoor living space as long as you have some yard space, however little, available to you. Here are some handy tips you can use when contemplating incorporating a deck to a residence with limited space.

Use bi-fold doors to access your deck

One of the best ways of making the most of the space available to you would be having your deck connect directly to your indoor living space. This can be done by knocking down a wall and installing bi-fold doors. This gives the deck an illusion of increased space as you can easily transition from being in the home to outdoors. During warm weather, you can fully open the bi-fold doors and have direct access onto your deck, which will appear larger as it merges seamlessly with the indoors. During foul weather, you can keep the bi-fold doors closed to ensure that your indoor space is not compromised by the elements.

Incorporate storage solutions to your deck design

If you have limited space, the last thing you would want is your deck to appear cluttered. The more items that you have on the deck, the less space available for entertaining and the more claustrophobic the space will feel. When designing the deck, have the decking contractors incorporate storage solutions in the various aspects of the construction. For instance, rather than  buying furniture for the deck, have benches erected on the deck with inbuilt storage space underneath them, if the deck will be used as a play area, have under deck doors installed which will ensure toys do not take up precious floor space. Consult with your decking contractor about the numerous other storage solutions that can be readily incorporated while deck construction is underway.

Opt to have your deck constructed in levels

Although floor space may be prohibitive is you have a small yard, it does not mean that you contractors cannot expand vertically. Another way of making the most of space would be by having your deck constructed in levels. This allows for separate entertainment spaces without having the place become too congested.

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Mirror

If you are in need of a new bathroom mirror, you have a lot of different styles to choose from. Picking a bathroom mirror is more involved than just going to your nearest hardware store and choosing the one you like the best. There is plenty more to consider. Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror.

Choose Between Framed and Frameless

One of the decisions in terms of the style of mirrors you need to choose is whether you want one that is framed or frameless. Typically, people that prefer the look of the mirror over its function will go with a framed one. These often have ornate frames that add to the appearance to the bathroom as much as the benefit of providing a reflection. Frameless mirrors are good when you want your small bathroom to look larger or when multiple people are going to be using the same mirror at one time.

Get Exact Measurements

Don’t assume you can just eyeball mirrors at the store and be able to choose the right one. You need to get measurements first. You want to take measurements above your vanity where it will go, starting a few inches above the faucet. Don’t assume it will be placed too low, since this could cause an issue with water spots. Consider the height and width of the mirror when deciding where to measure. This is also a good time to choose between one or two mirrors. If it is a long vanity with multiple sinks, think about getting two mirrors instead of one. However, if you aren’t quite sure which direction you are going, get measurements of the entire expanse of wall as if you were getting one mirror. Use that measurement to bring with you to the store and look at single and double mirrors that fit within those measurements.

Consider Extra Features

Finally, you will need to decide what other features you want the bathroom mirrors to have. A big feature with bathroom mirrors is having lights. Lighted mirrors are great in bathrooms since you can choose a type of light that is flattering to your features. This helps when you are doing your makeup or styling your hair in this bathroom. Sometimes your regular bathroom lights are not enough to illuminate your features when attempting to perfect your makeup. You may also want a mirrored cabinet, which is a medicine cabinet installed above the vanity that has a mirror on the outside, but opens up to store items.

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4 Types of Party Themes for an Adult’s Birthday Party

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing birthday party. Whether you are reaching a birthday milestone or you just want it to be extra special this year, here are some fun and creative party themes for an adult’s birthday party.

Casino Night Party

For an adults-only birthday party, consider throwing a casino night. You can plan a small party in your own home, or do a big casino night at a local venue. Many party equipment companies offer everything you need for a casino night, from game tables to chips. You might even be able to splurge for a mini slot machine to add to the party. With a casino night party, remember to keep the drinks coming. Set up a bar in your home or rent a mini bar, stocking it with liquor, mixers, and plenty of glasses for everyone. You can also have a dress code, requiring guests to show up in their best cocktail party attire.

Elegant Garden Party

When you want a birthday party that has more elegance and sophistication, you can have a garden party. This is a simple party to set up, with a few tables covered in fine linens, flower centerpieces, and finger sandwiches. Finger foods, tea, and lavender water are all great options for a garden party. This is ideal for a smaller number of people for an intimate gathering for your birthday. It is a great way to have your party outside on a nice, sunny day.

Hollywood Party

Invite your friends and family over with a VIP invitation to your Hollywood-themed party. Many party rental companies and party supply stores carry what you need for a Hollywood party, including a red carpet for the entrance to the party. Aside from the red carpet, decorate in colors like gold, red, and black for this type of party. Have lots of excellent lights, great music, and a place to dance. Set out high-end champagne with glass champagne flutes and provide a photo booth and backdrops for people who want to take fun pictures during the party.

Luau Party

If your birthday is in the summer, you might want to go with a traditional theme, such as a luau party. Luckily, this is very easy to throw, even on the last minute. You can have it in your backyard, or preferably, near a swimming pool or at the beach. Get tiki lanterns for decoration, hand out leis for the guests, and have a dress code of Polynesian print shirts and other fun, bold colors. Make a big fruity punch for drinks and have barbecue-style food for lunch.

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Guide to Proper Lawn Mower Equipment Maintenance

A well-manicured lawn can considerably add to the curb appeal of your home. Your yard is one aspect of your property that adds to the overall value. A lawn mower is a piece of equipment that allows you to simplify the process caring for your lawn. In order to make sure that your lawn looks appealing, you need to make sure that your lawn mower is functioning properly. This means that it is essential you are aware of the most helpful lawn mower maintenance tips that are designed to increase the lifespan of this lawn care equipment.


Your lawn mower runs on gasoline, but at the end of the mowing season it is important that you remove the gasoline from the tank. If you are looking to avoid dealing with a lawn mower that won’t start after a winter season of being stored, it is recommended that you drain all gasoline before you put your lawn mower away for the winter months. Old fuel is not ideal for your lawn mower and you should add new gasoline at the start of the season.


Most people make an effort to monitor the oil levels in their vehicles but are not always as diligent with their lawn care equipment. One way that you can ensure your lawn mower will last is to check the oil regularly. This means that you need to take a look at the oil levels in your lawn mower and also inspect the color of the oil. If you notice debris in the oil or see a color that is dark black, it is time to change the oil. You can drain out the old oil and replace it with new oil. There should be a drain plug that is positioned at the underside of the mower. You can pull this plug and empty the oil completely. Some mowers do not have this type of plug, which means that you will have to empty the old oil from the fill hole by just turning the lawn mower on its side.


Maintaining your lawn mower also involves making sure that the undercarriage is cleaned regularly. It is easy for grass and lawn clippings to become stuck on the undercarriage. This has the ability to result in a clog occurring within the discharge chute of your lawn mower. You can avoid this problem by removing all grass from the undercarriage after each mow. Hosing down the undercarriage of your lawn mower is the fastest and easiest method of removal.

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How To Restring a Broken Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are certainly very practical and stylish, but they can be a real nuisance when the cord becomes worn and no longer works properly.  But there’s no need to throw your blinds away and buy new ones; all you need to do is replace the cord!  Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need

  • new blind cord (available from DIY stores)
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • threading needle
  • flat-bladed screwdriver

How to do it

You might find it helpful to take photos of each stage of the deconstruction process for use as reference points when you come to reassemble your blind.  Another good tip is to put all the small items you remove during the replacement process into an empty jar so that nothing gets lost. 

  1. The first thing to do is to take down the broken blind and lay it on a table or other flat surface.  
  2. Now, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to prise off one end cap from the top rail and both the end caps from the bottom rail, and put them aside somewhere safe.  
  3. Next, gently but firmly pull out the cord lock from the top rail, and set it on one side. Open up the bottom and top rails so that the cord inside the blind is exposed.  
  4. In order to work out how much new cord you need, measure the window height and the width of the blind.  Multiply the window height by two and add a metre onto the blind’s width.  
  5. Slide the top and bottom rails off the blind.  Remove the washers that hold the old cord and set them aside, and then carefully pull out and discard the old cord.  
  6. Thread the needle with the new cord, and pull it through the blind.  Tie off the new cords at the bottom of the blind, remembering to fit the old washers so that the cord doesn’t pull straight through.  
  7. Replace the top and bottom rails by sliding them back onto the blind.  
  8. Carefully thread the new cord into the cord lock, and reinsert the lock onto the top rail.  
  9. Push the end caps back onto the bottom rail and replace the single end cap on the top rail.  
  10. Replace the blind in its wall brackets; job done!

In conclusion

You can save yourself a lot of money on buying new blinds by simply replacing a broken or damaged pull cord yourself, following the helpful guidelines given above. 

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Why Choose a Ductless or Split System Air Conditioner for Your Home?

A ductless or split system air conditioner is the type that you typically see in hotels; they aren’t connected to a building’s entire ductwork but are vented directly out a particular wall, and cool a smaller area than a central unit. They are like the middle ground of a central unit and a window unit. Note a few reasons why you might choose a ductless or split system daikin air conditioner for your home.

1. Advantages over a central unit

Zone cooling means that you cool only one part of your home at a time, rather than turning on a central unit and cooling your entire house at once. If you choose a split system unit, you are not wasting energy cooling the upstairs bedrooms when you’re in the downstairs living room, or vice versa. This can mean less money spent on utilities every season. You can have a zone cooling system installed with your central unit but this might be very expensive and outside of your budget; a split system unit offers this same zone cooling but is often much cheaper to install than a central unit.

Central units may also require quite a bit of maintenance since the housing for the compressor and motor are outside; they can be damaged by rain, snow, sleet, and even leaves and other debris that collect around the unit. Since the split system unit is inside your home, it may require less maintenance and fewer repairs as it’s not exposed to wind and weather.

2. Advantages over a window unit

One reason that many people hate window air conditioners is that they’re usually very unsightly. Not only do they take up a large part of whatever windows you have in your room but they can also jut out on the other side of the window, making the outside of your home also look very unattractive. A split system unit is very compact and may be installed on any wall or even the ceiling. Many are available in slim vent designs so they look similar to vents you already have in the wall, or in an overhead design, so they resemble the fan you may have in your bathroom. This unobtrusive design won’t interfere with your home’s overall look.

Taking out a window air conditioner once the summer season is over can be very difficult as these units are usually very heavy and cumbersome. A split system unit does not need to be taken out and then put back in every year so you have no risk of injuring yourself when it’s time to remove or install your unit, and no need to find a place to store it during winter months.

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