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Necessary Precautions To Keep Your Rainwater Clean And Safe For Consumption

The quality of water from your rainwater tank will be determined by how well you’re able to carry out proper maintenance. If you have a rainwater tank, there are some key precautions you should observe to ensure your water is clean and safe. Below is an outline of key care and maintenance precautions for your water.

Proper Filtration

Proper filtration aids in the removal of bacteria, dirt, metals and chemicals among other water contaminants. The most important thing is to have the water in your rainwater tank tested by a certified specialist. The specialist will help you know the type of contamination you’re likely to encounter. Therefore, you’ll be able to get the most appropriate filtration system for your home. Remember that filtration significantly contributes to making your water safe for consumption.

Proper Gutter Maintenance

You should not let dirt, debris and leaves accumulate in the gutter that is collecting and directing rainwater to your tank. Remember that the dirt also often has droppings from birds and insects, and may at times hold a dead rodent, hence leading to severe contamination of your water.

It’s advisable you clean your gutters twice a year. However, if you have tree branches hanging above the gutter, you should clean your gutter more often. It’s also advisable you have the gutters cleaned after a storm because a lot of dirt accumulates in the gutters. Also, you may want to have a gutter mesh fixed on the gutter so as to reduce the rate of dirt accumulation in the gutter.

Timely Desludging

It’s important for you to remove the sludge in your water tank to ensure that the quality and safety of your water is ideal. Sludge buildup in the tank may affect the freshness of your tank water and also harbor bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens. To control the rate of sludge buildup, you may want to use a filter at the water inlet valve to trap any loose dirt that may be in the water.

It’s recommended that you desludge your water tank every two or three years. Call a desludging specialist to inspect the amount of buildup in your tank and get to know when to have the desludging done.

It’s important for you to observe necessary precautionary measures needed to ensure that collected rainwater is clean and safe for consumption. Hire professionals when necessary and get expert advice on the do’s and don’ts of rain water tank safety and maintenance.  

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3 Judicious Strategies To Prevent The Occurrence Of An Electrical Fire In Your Home

Electrical fires in homes are more common than you think, especially when you are dealing with issues like faulty wiring and ageing appliances. Electrical home fires not only result in significant asset losses, but they could also pose severe danger to your family. Following certain judicious strategies can typically prevent most of these types of fires, so make sure you hire electrical contractors to take care of any small problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

Conduct Home Wiring Inspections

This aspect is particularly important if you have old wiring in your home. Old or faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires, so it may be a prudent idea to hire electrical contractors to undertake an inspection of your home’s wiring every few years ­–– especially if you notice signs of fraying and tattering around the wires. Wires in poor condition can overheat and cause sparks, which will ultimately lead to an electrical fire if left unchecked. If your home wiring is in danger of causing an electrical fire, your electrician may recommend certain repairs or replacements to keep your home safe.

Avoid Overloading Electrical Circuits

Electrical circuit overloading is another common reason why electrical fires start in homes. Modern appliances consume more electricity than the existing capacity of older electrical circuits, which eventually causes overloading. This overloading typically happens when you place too many heavy-duty appliances like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, computers, lighting devices and lamps into the same power strip or electrical outlet. The best way to avoid overloading electrical circuits is to plug appliances into different circuits within your home. Alternatively, you can get your electrical contractors to replace existing circuits with higher capacity versions if possible.

Keep Electrical Appliances At A Safe Distance From Flammable Fabrics

Electrical appliances like irons, powerful lamps, hair straighteners and hairdryers generate a tremendous amount of heat while they are plugged into live power sockets. If these electrical appliances are left unattended next to flammable fabrics like towels, curtains, bed sheets, rugs, carpets and blankets, the entire room could catch fire without your knowledge. Similarly, many homeowners like to hide extension cords and power cables below carpets to sidestep a cluttered wiring appearance. But this could present an even larger problem when frayed cables and extension cords overheat and start an unprecedented electrical fire in your home.

These judicious strategies will help you prevent an electrical fire in your home. Keep in mind that any repairs, replacements or modifications of electrical systems are best undertaken by qualified electrical contractors for your safety.

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Here’s Why You Should Build Your Home in a Gated Community

If you are looking for a place to build your home, then a gated community is a good place to do it. Essentially, a gated community is a type of housing estate with several residential buildings, a perimeter fence and various shared amenities for the people who live in that area. There are several reasons you should build your home in a gated community. Here are some of them:

Proximity to Amenities

Gated communities can have essential social amenities close to your residence. For a small gated community, you can find common areas such as parks and gymnasiums. On the other hand, large gated communities have more amenities such as shopping centres, junior schools and playing areas for kids. All these amenities make things more convenient for you. For example, you can enrol your kids in the junior school nearby where they can easily walk to school and back home. This is convenient, especially when you have a busy schedule and are unable to accompany your kids to and from school.

Reduced and Controlled Traffic

If you build your home in other residential areas, you have no control over the number of cars or bikes that pass nearby. However, this is not the case when it comes to a gated community. There is reduced traffic and speeding vehicles behind the residential community gates, which makes the area safe, especially for young children.

Better Security and Privacy

One of the benefits of building your home in a gated community is good security. Unlike standard residential areas, gated communities are more difficult to access because of the fencing and restricted entry points into the estates. This helps to reduce criminal activity within the gated community, and you won’t be bothered by people such as solicitors, who will have a more difficult time accessing the residence.

Well-maintained Surroundings

Generally, homeowners’ associations and agents in charge of gated communities ensure that the surroundings are well maintained. They need to maintain or improve the quality of the surroundings to attract any prospective buyers. Therefore, you will have access to well-maintained streets within the estate and services like trash management, and any problems that you have will be addressed promptly.

Social Benefits

In gated communities, you can find community centres and group activities that enable you and your family to interact with the people who live in your neighbourhood. Such social interaction is important for purposes such as security and in case of a problem; you can easily find help because of the good relationship you have with your neighbours.

For more information about building a home in a gated community, contact a company like Seapointe Homes.

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Relax, it’s teak!

Everyone values the opportunity to be able to relax outdoors on a mild day. You may be put off the thought of relaxing, though, if you have to strain to put a comfortable chair, recliner or even a table exactly where you want it. You may also remain tense, knowing you will have to return the furniture to where it will be protected.

If, however, your outdoor furniture is made of teak, there will never be any need to arrange a space for yourself before you can relax. Teak is the hardiest of woods and can withstand extremes of temperature, so teak furniture can be left exactly where you want it to be used at any time.

Why teak?

Not only is teak an attractive looking wood, it also has more natural oils than other wood does, which help to make it more weatherproof and nearly completely water resistant. For outdoor furniture that will not degenerate over the years, teak is the best choice.

Caring for teak furniture

Teak furniture does not need much maintenance.  All furniture should be kept clean, though, so it is a good idea to wash your teak furniture periodically with a gentle soap and water solution. You should not use what is called ‘teak oil’, as it will cause the natural oils in the wood to become depleted. When the ‘teak oil’ dries up on the surface of the wood, it leaves the wood vulnerable to mould, which can leave ugly marks on your furniture. Using a teak sealer on your furniture is an option, though. This is a water-based product that actually helps the wood to retain its natural oils.

Restoring teak furniture

There will inevitably be times when you become aware of the build-up of grime and dirt on your outside furniture, or you may just want to return a piece of furniture to its original state. You may also want to rediscover the natural light colour of a piece of furniture that has darkened over the years. To restore teak, you should clean off all the grime and age with a caustic soap and water. Do not scrub the wood with anything harsher than an abrasive sponge, or you will damage the wood. When the wood is clean, you may choose to use a teak sealer.

For more information, visit a reputable teak furniture dealer in your area like The Teak Place.

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Reasons to Opt for Faux Wood Shutters for Your Home

One of the more popular options when it comes to window treatments are shutters. If you would like to update your window treatments to wood shutters but find that the cost is constraining, you should consider faux wood shutters. These types of shutters consist of wood pulp and other resins. You can also find them manufactured from solid vinyl. They come in a variety of styles just as original wooden shutters would. However, they are an economical alternative as they imitate the different types of wooden shutters without the premium price tag. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for faux wood shutters for your home.

Faux wood shutters do not easily succumb to wear and tear

Unlike wooden shutters, faux wood shutters are not predisposed to acquiring damage when they are exposed to heat or moisture. With regular wood shutters, you have to take measures to ensure they are protected from expanding and contracting as the weather changes. If the wood is not protected, you have to deal with cracking, warping, and rotting over time. With faux wood shutters, you can rest assured that they will remain structurally sound with a few, minimal precautions.

Faux wood shutters are low maintenance

Another reason to opt for faux wood shutters is that they do not require extensive maintenance for them to stay aesthetically appealing. For example, wooden shutters require sealing or painting in order to prevent the wood from fading over time. Faux wood shutters come already finished, therefore all they require is a wipe down from time to time to eliminate any grime that may have accumulated on their surfaces. Additionally, faux wood shutters tend to be dust repellant. This ensures that they stay cleaner for longer periods of time as compared to other types of shutters.

Faux wood shutters have a versatile range of applications

When it comes to selecting shutters for your home, one of the things that you have to consider is the main application of the shutters. For instance, if you have outdoor shutters, then you have to ensure the window treatments you choose could withstand the elements. Alternatively, if you were looking to install shutters in the bathroom or the kitchen, you would have to select window treatments that are moisture resistant. With faux wood shutters, you have the flexibility of installing them wherever you want. Their impervious nature ensures they can withstand wet conditions. Additionally, since they are fade resistant, they can also ensure prolonged exposure to the sun. For more information, talk to a professional like Illawarra Blinds & Awnings.

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