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3 Indispensable Product Features Of A Suitable Self-Storage Container

Whether you’re moving house, remodeling or simply require extra space in your home, getting self-storage containers suited for your specific needs can be rather troublesome. When you’re shopping around for the right storage containers, there are many product qualities associated with each container sold in the market.

However, if you want to obtain the best service from the self-storage containers that you purchase for your home, you should look out for the following product features.

Customised Container Size For Each Customer

A good self-storage container is one whose size allows you to store all your items comfortably. Essentially, this means that you should approach a company that makes containers of varied sizes and not one that specializes in supplying ‘one-size-fits-all’ containers.

By tailoring self-storage containers of different sizes, manufacturers allow you to choose the most suitable container from the available range of ready-made products. Better still, the manufacturer can assess your home’s storage needs and design a custom-built container for you.

Built To Last

If you want to experience long service time from a self-storage container, you should opt to buy one that’s made from strong material such as aluminium and steel.

With the advances achieved in modern-day manufacturing, metal self-storage containers can be technically-engineered to withstand high surface impact during packing and unpacking of items. Furthermore, these containers are specially designed to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions such as intense humidity that may compromise their structural integrity.

Therefore, you should consult a self-storage container manufacturer with your special needs in order to obtain information regarding containers made from the toughest material and also receive price quotations to gauge if they’re affordable.

Safety Of Stored Items

One important thing that you need to consider before purchasing a self-storage container is whether it will keep the stored items safe from the risk of theft or damage. This is because thieves and burglars can attempt to break into the containers especially when there’s no one around your home to watch over them.

For your peace of mind, buy a self-storage container that can be watched over a security system such as a camera surveillance or alarm system. Since these security systems are often monitored from a central operating station, your items will be under watch 24/7.

Moreover, getting a tightly-sealed self-storage container will limit the risk of damage caused by natural factors such as air and water infiltration.

Thus, you can be rest assured that all items in the self-storage containers will be protected against theft and remain in the same condition that you stored them initially.

For more information contact companies such as Lisarow Self Storage.

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Renovating Your Kitchen Benchtops But Not Quite Sold On Granite? Four Rival Materials You Might Consider

Granite is natural rock, quarried directly from Mother Earth. When cut into blocks and layers, the material’s many patterns, layers and colours are highlighted. It is this mottling and the range of colours that are so favoured in the building industry. But, granite has some competition for your benchtop dollar. If you’re the type that likes to think outside the box, you may also consider one of these four materials.


Quartz is similar to granite, but it is not a porous rock. In fact, if you look at a piece of granite you’ll usually find shiny bits of quartz crystals in the veins. Benchtop slabs are made by mixing bits of quartz with binding agents and pigments. This is a composite material that is stain resistant and easy to clean. The colour pigments can be adjusted to match almost any kitchen colour scheme. Another plus is that these benchtops can be recycled. The used ones are chopped up, mixed with new pigments and binders and reformed.

Recycled Glass

You may not think of recycled glass as a benchtop material, but this is a viable eco-friendly option. Glass chips are mixed in with cement and poured into moulds. Once the mixture has set, the surface is smoothed down with grinders, then buffed to a mirror-like finish. Like the quartz, this benchtop is easy to care for and stain resistant. Recycled glass benchtops are available in an array of colours, making it easy to match your kitchen décor.

Coloured Cement

Cement may seem like an odd material for a benchtop, but add a bit of colour and it becomes an attractive, durable surface. You also have the option of buying the benchtops pre-cast or having them poured onsite. One of the latest trends is to pour the benchtop and the sink as one unit. This means no seams between the benchtop and the sink, and no place for dirt and germs to hide. You can opt for a smooth benchtop or a patterned variety made by pressing stamps into the cement when it’s still wet.

Stainless Steel

Once only found in commercial kitchens, stainless steel benchtops are catching on in the residential market. They have a sleek look and are easy to take care off. You can go with the seamless benchtop/sink scenario, or you can have a sink dropped in separately. These benchtops are a particular hit in high-end home gourmet kitchens where durability and a classy design are a must.

For more information, contact a company like Cabinetry Solutions.

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Packing Services Offered By Removalists

When you’re moving house, you will likely have to hire a removalist to do the heavy lifting for you. But removalists are not just useful when it comes to hauling your furniture and other belongings, they can also help you with the pre- and post-moving tasks that are just as important as the actual transport. So to help you understand the packing options they can offer you, here’s a quick rundown of those services.

Full Packing — With a full packing service, a removalist will pack every item that you are taking on your move or that you are placing into a self-storage unit. A full pack service will include wrapping delicate items in a way that ensures maximum protection, as well as dismantling furniture items such as beds, tables and shelves, and reassembling them when those items arrive at your new destination. Most removalists will also create a master inventory list that details the contents of each box for easy identification, although there are some companies that only provide this service if your belongings are going into long-term storage. By choosing a full pack service, you don’t have to do any of the work, but you will pay a premium for it.

Half Packing — If you only want a removalist to pack delicate or fragile items that could break on the way to your new location, you can select a half or partial packing service. With this option, removalists will arrive at your house on or before your move date, and box the special items in a way that ensures they are padded and protected during the move. You would be responsible for the remainder of the packing.

Self Packing — When you choose a self packing option, a removalist will provide you with all the boxes and packing supplies you need in order for you to pack your items. Self packing can save you a lot of money because you will only be paying a removalist to lift the items into the moving truck and transport them to your new living quarters, but keep in mind that some removalists won’t offer insurance for self-packed items, as they can’t guarantee that you boxed them in a manner that guarantees they won’t suffer damage en route.

Full Unpacking — Once a removalist arrives at your new home, you can select a full unpacking option, in which the removalists will unpack all your items and place them in the location that you’ve designated in advance.

Partial Unpacking — Choose a partial unpacking service if you only want a removalist to unpack and place your fragile or delicate items where you want them in your new residence.

For more information about services offered, contact a company like Forster-Tuncurry Removals & Storage Pty Ltd.

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Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Home

Stubborn food, grease or pet stains can still depict a displeasing sight on your carpet flooring. Therefore, in order to ensure that your carpets get cleaned satisfactorily, it is essential to leave the job to the experts.

Keeps Your Carpets in Good Condition For A Long Time

Doing carpet cleaning yourself can sometimes lead to loss of fibres, discolouration or shrinking of your home’s carpets. For those reasons, it is recommended that you should frequently use an expert to clean your carpet in order to extend its useful life.

Whether you want routine or once-in-awhile dusting, vacuuming or washing of your carpet, a team of experts will always be just a phone call away from your doorstep. In order to ensure that your carpets retain their inviting appeal, cleaning companies possess an in-depth understanding of properties of different carpet fibres and therefore know the right mix of cleaners, equipment and technical expertise to apply to your carpets.

Unique Cleaning Solutions For Every Situation

Continuing to scrub off stubborn stains from your carpets without success will only serve to damage them. Therefore, you simply can’t do the same thing repeatedly and still expect to achieve different results. That’s precisely why you need a specialised company to clean your carpets.

Certified carpet cleaning firms specifically do the business of handling all your carpet cleaning issues. Hence, they can offer innovative solutions to your unique carpet cleaning problems. For instance, hot-water extraction can be used to help wash off ‘permanent’ dirt, leaving your carpets looking spot-free.

Reduced Drying Time

Your carpets are an essential part of your home flooring since they can provide warmth and a smooth texture below your feet. Furthermore, they may add to the beauty of your floors. Therefore, you may be reluctant to clean them because you’re afraid that they’ll take a long time to dry, depriving you of its services.

With advancements in cleaning technologies, you don’t have to worry anymore; a well-equipped carpet cleaning company can significantly reduce drying time since much of the moisture is suctioned from the carpets. As a result, you’ll regain the comfort and aestheticism of your carpet flooring sooner than you’d anticipated.

Approaching a professional to do your carpet cleaning can not only relieve you of stress and physical weariness but also provide unique solutions to your specific carpet cleaning requirements. Furthermore, it can extend the durability of your carpets and reduce the time required to clean them.

For more information, contact a company such as Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning.

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Creating A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden On A Shoestring Budget

Would you like to grow your own vegetables to save money and avoid consuming harmful pesticides? Are you worried about the start-up costs? You don’t have to spend a small fortune to start enjoying home-grown salads. In fact, you can have a raised bed vegetable garden for very little out of pocket. Here’s how:

Building Your Raised Beds

You can purchase pre-made raised bed frames, but they tend to be pricey. Instead, ask your local garden centre or superstore for a few of their unwanted pallets and make your own raised beds. You don’t need to have any specific experience to make raised beds with pallets as it’s quite simple, but ensure you make your raised beds deep enough for the type of vegetables you want to grow. Root vegetables need a depth of at least 60cm, while herbs and strawberries do fine with a soil depth of 15cm.

Soil And Fertiliser

Filling your raised beds with bags of compost from the garden centre isn’t an option when you’re on a shoestring budget. Instead, dig up topsoil from your own garden, use a garden sieve to remove weeds and grass, and combine it with equal parts of horse manure or kitchen waste compost.  

Horse manure is a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These nutrients are essential for successful vegetable gardening, so visit your local stables and ask if you can take some of their manure.

Once you have some established vegetables in your raised beds you’ll want to add a layer of mulch to the soil. Mulch helps conserve moisture, protects the roots of young plants from heat damage, and improves soil health as it breaks down. If you are able to build up a large enough compost pile in your garden you’ll be able to use that as mulch, but if you have several raised beds you’ll probably need to purchase at least some of your mulch.

You should add 2-4cm of mulch to your raised beds at the end of the main growing season and once you have well-established young plants in spring, so it’s more economical to buy wholesale mulch from a supplier like Mossrock Mulch than several small bags.

Obtaining Seeds

Seeds often come in packs of several hundred and it would take years to use them all, so reduce costs by hosting a seed swap with like-minded friends and neighbours. It also pays to know what seeds you can save and grow from shop-bought produce, and what plants you can take cuttings from.

When saving seeds, ensure you allow the seeds to dry in a single layer and keep them out of direct sunlight. Once the seeds are dry, discard any that show signs of mould and store in an airtight container until you want to plant them. Try saving seeds from the following vegetables:

  • Courgettes
  • Pumpkins
  • Melons
  • Aubergines
  • Sweet peppers
  • Tomatoes

When taking cuttings from existing plants, ensure the cutting is at least 12cm long and shows no sign of disease. Dip the cutting in rooting powder, place it in a glass of water until the roots are established and then plant it in your raised bed. You can take cuttings from the following plants:

  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Cucumbers

Once your shoestring vegetable garden is in full swing you’ll save money on fresh produce and have a frugal hobby. Now you just need to decide what you want to plant.

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