No one enjoys stepping out of the bath onto a freezing cold floor then shivering in the cold air. A bathroom that isn’t warm enough can make winter miserable and stop you from fully enjoying the relaxing effect of a hot bath or shower. There are a few simple steps you can take to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary away from the cold, and they won’t cost much. Try a few of the solutions below and you’ll wonder how you ever got through winter without them.

Under tile heating

The ancient Romans had a special system of underfloor heating that kept them comfortable at all times. Luckily, you don’t need to be a Roman emperor to benefit from warm bathroom floors nowadays. Underfloor heating mats can be installed underneath your bathroom tiles, creating a toasty, warm surface that’s comfortable to step on with bare feet. The mats are thin enough to fit underneath tiles without any effect on the floor level, and a strong layer of self-adhesive keeps them firmly in place.

You’ll be able to control the temperature of the floor by using a special touch screen thermostat — many models can be connected to a smartphone or tablet for ultimate convenience. Just like regular heating, you can set under tile heating to come on at exactly the right time, so you won’t waste energy.

Heated towel rail

A warm towel makes all the difference when getting out of the bath or shower into chilly air. You’ll also ensure that towels dry quickly and are always ready for use — a damp towel on a cold day is no fun. Clothes can also be put on the rail while you wash, making putting them on feel like stepping into a warm hug.

Towel rails are usually connected to your central heating, but most can also be converted to electric. Mornings will feel so much easier when you’re comfortable and unaffected by extreme temperatures. Forget getting dressed under the duvet cover!

New bath mat and towels

Take a look at your current bath mat. Is it thick, soft and luxurious? If the answer is no, then it’s time for an upgrade. A thick bath mat that’s the size of a small rug provides insulation, a soft surface to stand on and increases the overall feeling of warmth in your bathroom. There’s no need to stand shivering on a tiny piece of cloth when larger, higher-quality bath mats are very affordable. The same logic applies to towels. A thicker, larger towel will feel warmer, protect you against any chilly draughts and help you to get dry quicker.