Everyone values the opportunity to be able to relax outdoors on a mild day. You may be put off the thought of relaxing, though, if you have to strain to put a comfortable chair, recliner or even a table exactly where you want it. You may also remain tense, knowing you will have to return the furniture to where it will be protected.

If, however, your outdoor furniture is made of teak, there will never be any need to arrange a space for yourself before you can relax. Teak is the hardiest of woods and can withstand extremes of temperature, so teak furniture can be left exactly where you want it to be used at any time.

Why teak?

Not only is teak an attractive looking wood, it also has more natural oils than other wood does, which help to make it more weatherproof and nearly completely water resistant. For outdoor furniture that will not degenerate over the years, teak is the best choice.

Caring for teak furniture

Teak furniture does not need much maintenance.  All furniture should be kept clean, though, so it is a good idea to wash your teak furniture periodically with a gentle soap and water solution. You should not use what is called ‘teak oil’, as it will cause the natural oils in the wood to become depleted. When the ‘teak oil’ dries up on the surface of the wood, it leaves the wood vulnerable to mould, which can leave ugly marks on your furniture. Using a teak sealer on your furniture is an option, though. This is a water-based product that actually helps the wood to retain its natural oils.

Restoring teak furniture

There will inevitably be times when you become aware of the build-up of grime and dirt on your outside furniture, or you may just want to return a piece of furniture to its original state. You may also want to rediscover the natural light colour of a piece of furniture that has darkened over the years. To restore teak, you should clean off all the grime and age with a caustic soap and water. Do not scrub the wood with anything harsher than an abrasive sponge, or you will damage the wood. When the wood is clean, you may choose to use a teak sealer.

For more information, visit a reputable teak furniture dealer in your area like The Teak Place.