In business, image is everything. This is why you should pay attention to the interior layout of your clothing retail shop, if you are looking to start up one. When a customer walks into your shop, they can easily judge the quality of the things you are selling by looking at the interior design of your shop. What colours have you used? How are the items arranged in the shop? Particularly, you should be very keen when you have a small space to work with so that the shop does not appear too crowded. You should also make sure that you are able to display as much as possible regardless of the space. Here are some ideas that will help you with the interior design of your small boutique:

Have a Bold Accent Wall

Using a bold and bright colour on one of the walls of the small boutique is a good way to spice up the small space and make it appear larger. The bold coloured wall creates the illusion that the wall recedes back into space. Besides painting, you can go for colourful wallpapers or printed fabrics to have the same effect. Colour options for a bold accent wall are pink, olive green, and yellow among others.

The Atmosphere

You can use the small size of the boutique to your advantage. Use soft lighting to create an intimate feeling rather than opting for the bright, white fluorescent lighting used in many large clothing stores. Moreover, you should use your lighting to create a spotlight on the products that you are displaying in the shop, illuminating them from the side or beneath. In addition, get a good carpet to create an inviting feel for your customers.

The Checkout Area

Rather than going for an imposing structure that faces the doorway of the boutique, you can opt for a smaller desk that can easily fit in one of the corners of the small boutique. Place it at an angle such that you can see the customers making their way into the store without necessarily staring them down on their way in. Furthermore, go for checkout desks that fit the décor in your boutique. For instance, a wicker desk or bamboo would suit most natural clothing boutiques. If the store has a checkout counter, you can soften the look by hanging fabric panels around it.

Create Open Space at the Centre

Use low-rise shelves in the middle of the shop and leave space around them so that it is easy for your customers to navigate the small space. If the customer is on one side of the shop, the low-rise shelves will not block them from seeing what’s on the other side.

For assistance, talk to a shop fitter.