If you plan to have a wedding in your home yard and you have decided to do the floral designing on your own, it is important to be aware of some of the most essential floral accessories that will help make the decoration job a success.


Floral foam is really essential for crafting an eye-catching, professional flower arrangement; it’s a lightweight and permeable material that can be molded into almost any shape. It retains its shape when soaked in water and steadily supplies the water to the cut flower plants it supports. The absorbent nature of floral foam allows it to retain large amounts of water, which subsequently extends the life of your flowers and keeps them looking healthy and vibrant.


Floral crowns can be a great way to draw attention to the bride, bridal maids and even the small flower girls at your wedding. If you want to make wedding tiaras, you will need florist wire. This super-thin wire will form the base of your flower headpieces. It will not only hold the flower tiara together, but it will also allow you to attach bigger statement flowers along the headpiece. What is more, florist wire is ductile enough for you to redesign the crowns whichever way you want.


Floral vases are a nice way to create a natural wedding arrangement that complements the look of other plants in your garden. Once your cut flowers have been put in the vases, they can be strategically placed adjacent to potted garden flowers to display a wonderful palette of colors. Some vases are even integrated with decorative etchings and coatings to accentuate the natural beauty of the flowers kept inside them.


When you are ready to give that nice finishing touch to your flower arrangements, you will need a specially crafted flower ribbons to dress them up. Give your bridal bouquets an added touch of style and elegance by tying them up with floral ribbons. For flowers placed in vases and containers, you can tie ribbons around the flower-holding accessories in order to match the look of ribbons tied around hand-held flower bouquets.

With all the above-discussed floral accessories, you can be sure of achieving superb-looking floral arrangements at your wedding. If you are looking for more tips or assistance, contact local florists well in advance before your big wedding day. They will likely help you with pairing flowers and arranging them.