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3 reasons why you should consider building a granny flat on your property

If you own a home on a decent sized property, building a granny flat on your extra land is a smart business and lifestyle move. Still need convincing? Check out these fantastic reasons for building a granny flat on your property.

Create an extra multi-use space

Traditionally, many Australians think of a granny flat as a building constructed for their aging parents; however, many modern granny flats are utilised for a variety of purposes. A granny flat can provide you with a multi-use space that can grow and change alongside the needs of your family. If you regularly have interstate guests, a granny flat will provide them with a comfortable, self-contained living space. A family member with a disability, or a teenager with an increasing need for independence will benefit considerably from the private space and on-site support that a granny flat can offer. A granny flat can even be used as a home office or hobby room, allowing you to spread out without impinging on the daily living space of the family home.

Add value to your home and property

A home with an on-site granny flat has huge appeal to property investors and home buyers alike. A property investor will see a dual source of rental income, allowing for decreased income risk and increased property value with the option to subdivide in the future. A homeowner will see the property as the ideal family location, with the granny flat offering endless benefits to suit a broad range of needs. It is highly recommended that you discuss the financial viability of building a granny flat in your backyard with your local real estate or home building professional.

Build a rental property in your backyard

If you’ve considered investing in a rental property to provide extra income or mitigate your mortgage costs, building a granny flat on your own property is the ideal solution. A brand-new granny flat in a reputable location can command a considerable rental income; alternatively, you could move into the granny flat yourself and rent your home out for a larger profit. If your property is deemed suitable for accommodating a granny flat, council approval can be a relatively quick and easy process compared to purchasing a separate rental property. You can choose to subdivide your property, or simply register as a dual occupancy property for a cheaper solution.

For expert advice and up-to-date information on the value a granny flat will bring to your property and your family, contact your local home building professional today.

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Tips to Incorporating a Deck to a Limited Space

For some homeowners, a deck is not only an entertainment space but also a living space. However, some homeowners may feel that the space available to them is too prohibitive for them to entertain the addition of a deck. The good news is that through proper planning with deck builders, you can always find a way of creating this outdoor living space as long as you have some yard space, however little, available to you. Here are some handy tips you can use when contemplating incorporating a deck to a residence with limited space.

Use bi-fold doors to access your deck

One of the best ways of making the most of the space available to you would be having your deck connect directly to your indoor living space. This can be done by knocking down a wall and installing bi-fold doors. This gives the deck an illusion of increased space as you can easily transition from being in the home to outdoors. During warm weather, you can fully open the bi-fold doors and have direct access onto your deck, which will appear larger as it merges seamlessly with the indoors. During foul weather, you can keep the bi-fold doors closed to ensure that your indoor space is not compromised by the elements.

Incorporate storage solutions to your deck design

If you have limited space, the last thing you would want is your deck to appear cluttered. The more items that you have on the deck, the less space available for entertaining and the more claustrophobic the space will feel. When designing the deck, have the decking contractors incorporate storage solutions in the various aspects of the construction. For instance, rather than  buying furniture for the deck, have benches erected on the deck with inbuilt storage space underneath them, if the deck will be used as a play area, have under deck doors installed which will ensure toys do not take up precious floor space. Consult with your decking contractor about the numerous other storage solutions that can be readily incorporated while deck construction is underway.

Opt to have your deck constructed in levels

Although floor space may be prohibitive is you have a small yard, it does not mean that you contractors cannot expand vertically. Another way of making the most of space would be by having your deck constructed in levels. This allows for separate entertainment spaces without having the place become too congested.

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