If you are in need of a new bathroom mirror, you have a lot of different styles to choose from. Picking a bathroom mirror is more involved than just going to your nearest hardware store and choosing the one you like the best. There is plenty more to consider. Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom mirror.

Choose Between Framed and Frameless

One of the decisions in terms of the style of mirrors you need to choose is whether you want one that is framed or frameless. Typically, people that prefer the look of the mirror over its function will go with a framed one. These often have ornate frames that add to the appearance to the bathroom as much as the benefit of providing a reflection. Frameless mirrors are good when you want your small bathroom to look larger or when multiple people are going to be using the same mirror at one time.

Get Exact Measurements

Don’t assume you can just eyeball mirrors at the store and be able to choose the right one. You need to get measurements first. You want to take measurements above your vanity where it will go, starting a few inches above the faucet. Don’t assume it will be placed too low, since this could cause an issue with water spots. Consider the height and width of the mirror when deciding where to measure. This is also a good time to choose between one or two mirrors. If it is a long vanity with multiple sinks, think about getting two mirrors instead of one. However, if you aren’t quite sure which direction you are going, get measurements of the entire expanse of wall as if you were getting one mirror. Use that measurement to bring with you to the store and look at single and double mirrors that fit within those measurements.

Consider Extra Features

Finally, you will need to decide what other features you want the bathroom mirrors to have. A big feature with bathroom mirrors is having lights. Lighted mirrors are great in bathrooms since you can choose a type of light that is flattering to your features. This helps when you are doing your makeup or styling your hair in this bathroom. Sometimes your regular bathroom lights are not enough to illuminate your features when attempting to perfect your makeup. You may also want a mirrored cabinet, which is a medicine cabinet installed above the vanity that has a mirror on the outside, but opens up to store items.