Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing birthday party. Whether you are reaching a birthday milestone or you just want it to be extra special this year, here are some fun and creative party themes for an adult’s birthday party.

Casino Night Party

For an adults-only birthday party, consider throwing a casino night. You can plan a small party in your own home, or do a big casino night at a local venue. Many party equipment companies offer everything you need for a casino night, from game tables to chips. You might even be able to splurge for a mini slot machine to add to the party. With a casino night party, remember to keep the drinks coming. Set up a bar in your home or rent a mini bar, stocking it with liquor, mixers, and plenty of glasses for everyone. You can also have a dress code, requiring guests to show up in their best cocktail party attire.

Elegant Garden Party

When you want a birthday party that has more elegance and sophistication, you can have a garden party. This is a simple party to set up, with a few tables covered in fine linens, flower centerpieces, and finger sandwiches. Finger foods, tea, and lavender water are all great options for a garden party. This is ideal for a smaller number of people for an intimate gathering for your birthday. It is a great way to have your party outside on a nice, sunny day.

Hollywood Party

Invite your friends and family over with a VIP invitation to your Hollywood-themed party. Many party rental companies and party supply stores carry what you need for a Hollywood party, including a red carpet for the entrance to the party. Aside from the red carpet, decorate in colors like gold, red, and black for this type of party. Have lots of excellent lights, great music, and a place to dance. Set out high-end champagne with glass champagne flutes and provide a photo booth and backdrops for people who want to take fun pictures during the party.

Luau Party

If your birthday is in the summer, you might want to go with a traditional theme, such as a luau party. Luckily, this is very easy to throw, even on the last minute. You can have it in your backyard, or preferably, near a swimming pool or at the beach. Get tiki lanterns for decoration, hand out leis for the guests, and have a dress code of Polynesian print shirts and other fun, bold colors. Make a big fruity punch for drinks and have barbecue-style food for lunch.