A ductless or split system air conditioner is the type that you typically see in hotels; they aren’t connected to a building’s entire ductwork but are vented directly out a particular wall, and cool a smaller area than a central unit. They are like the middle ground of a central unit and a window unit. Note a few reasons why you might choose a ductless or split system daikin air conditioner for your home.

1. Advantages over a central unit

Zone cooling means that you cool only one part of your home at a time, rather than turning on a central unit and cooling your entire house at once. If you choose a split system unit, you are not wasting energy cooling the upstairs bedrooms when you’re in the downstairs living room, or vice versa. This can mean less money spent on utilities every season. You can have a zone cooling system installed with your central unit but this might be very expensive and outside of your budget; a split system unit offers this same zone cooling but is often much cheaper to install than a central unit.

Central units may also require quite a bit of maintenance since the housing for the compressor and motor are outside; they can be damaged by rain, snow, sleet, and even leaves and other debris that collect around the unit. Since the split system unit is inside your home, it may require less maintenance and fewer repairs as it’s not exposed to wind and weather.

2. Advantages over a window unit

One reason that many people hate window air conditioners is that they’re usually very unsightly. Not only do they take up a large part of whatever windows you have in your room but they can also jut out on the other side of the window, making the outside of your home also look very unattractive. A split system unit is very compact and may be installed on any wall or even the ceiling. Many are available in slim vent designs so they look similar to vents you already have in the wall, or in an overhead design, so they resemble the fan you may have in your bathroom. This unobtrusive design won’t interfere with your home’s overall look.

Taking out a window air conditioner once the summer season is over can be very difficult as these units are usually very heavy and cumbersome. A split system unit does not need to be taken out and then put back in every year so you have no risk of injuring yourself when it’s time to remove or install your unit, and no need to find a place to store it during winter months.