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How To Restring a Broken Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are certainly very practical and stylish, but they can be a real nuisance when the cord becomes worn and no longer works properly.  But there’s no need to throw your blinds away and buy new ones; all you need to do is replace the cord!  Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need

  • new blind cord (available from DIY stores)
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • threading needle
  • flat-bladed screwdriver

How to do it

You might find it helpful to take photos of each stage of the deconstruction process for use as reference points when you come to reassemble your blind.  Another good tip is to put all the small items you remove during the replacement process into an empty jar so that nothing gets lost. 

  1. The first thing to do is to take down the broken blind and lay it on a table or other flat surface.  
  2. Now, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to prise off one end cap from the top rail and both the end caps from the bottom rail, and put them aside somewhere safe.  
  3. Next, gently but firmly pull out the cord lock from the top rail, and set it on one side. Open up the bottom and top rails so that the cord inside the blind is exposed.  
  4. In order to work out how much new cord you need, measure the window height and the width of the blind.  Multiply the window height by two and add a metre onto the blind’s width.  
  5. Slide the top and bottom rails off the blind.  Remove the washers that hold the old cord and set them aside, and then carefully pull out and discard the old cord.  
  6. Thread the needle with the new cord, and pull it through the blind.  Tie off the new cords at the bottom of the blind, remembering to fit the old washers so that the cord doesn’t pull straight through.  
  7. Replace the top and bottom rails by sliding them back onto the blind.  
  8. Carefully thread the new cord into the cord lock, and reinsert the lock onto the top rail.  
  9. Push the end caps back onto the bottom rail and replace the single end cap on the top rail.  
  10. Replace the blind in its wall brackets; job done!

In conclusion

You can save yourself a lot of money on buying new blinds by simply replacing a broken or damaged pull cord yourself, following the helpful guidelines given above. 

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Why Choose a Ductless or Split System Air Conditioner for Your Home?

A ductless or split system air conditioner is the type that you typically see in hotels; they aren’t connected to a building’s entire ductwork but are vented directly out a particular wall, and cool a smaller area than a central unit. They are like the middle ground of a central unit and a window unit. Note a few reasons why you might choose a ductless or split system daikin air conditioner for your home.

1. Advantages over a central unit

Zone cooling means that you cool only one part of your home at a time, rather than turning on a central unit and cooling your entire house at once. If you choose a split system unit, you are not wasting energy cooling the upstairs bedrooms when you’re in the downstairs living room, or vice versa. This can mean less money spent on utilities every season. You can have a zone cooling system installed with your central unit but this might be very expensive and outside of your budget; a split system unit offers this same zone cooling but is often much cheaper to install than a central unit.

Central units may also require quite a bit of maintenance since the housing for the compressor and motor are outside; they can be damaged by rain, snow, sleet, and even leaves and other debris that collect around the unit. Since the split system unit is inside your home, it may require less maintenance and fewer repairs as it’s not exposed to wind and weather.

2. Advantages over a window unit

One reason that many people hate window air conditioners is that they’re usually very unsightly. Not only do they take up a large part of whatever windows you have in your room but they can also jut out on the other side of the window, making the outside of your home also look very unattractive. A split system unit is very compact and may be installed on any wall or even the ceiling. Many are available in slim vent designs so they look similar to vents you already have in the wall, or in an overhead design, so they resemble the fan you may have in your bathroom. This unobtrusive design won’t interfere with your home’s overall look.

Taking out a window air conditioner once the summer season is over can be very difficult as these units are usually very heavy and cumbersome. A split system unit does not need to be taken out and then put back in every year so you have no risk of injuring yourself when it’s time to remove or install your unit, and no need to find a place to store it during winter months.

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Important Checks with Onsite Office Cleaners

There is nothing more fulfilling than working in a very clean environment. A blissful and productive work environment is important for your success. Cleaning should not be limited to the inside. It should also extend to the outside part of your office. And it should offer you customised options that meet your budget. In light of this, you definitely would want to get services that are centred on your needs. Take time to source for the best contract solutions specialised in office cleaning. Do your research well to get the best match for your cleaning needs. If you value your office, here are important things to do while working with office cleaners.

Dealing with cleaning emergencies  

For all business people like you, time is a very valuable resource. Therefore, you need rapid response to your cleaning requirements. Good office cleaners should respond well during emergency cases and save you on time and money. If you can get a service that works 24/7, then that would be a great option for you. Your cleaning service provider should be able to move very fast to attend to your office upon your request.

Cleaning ethics and standards 

Professional cleaners show commitment to quality and proven standards through the investment they have made in their tools and equipment. Your service provider should offer effective communication channels for discussion of any problems, concerns or assistance when a special clean arises. Get to know whether the cleaning chemicals used are safe and recommended for use by a well-known certifying authority.

Organized cleaning and movement of office items

Office cleaners entering your workplace must act professionally to keep the image of your office. It is very important for the cleaners to act with respect to other members in your office. This includes visitors, members of staff, your customers and your operations in general. It is important for any cleaning service to observe order and reduce any form of disruption.  Most importantly, they should show high standards of safety awareness towards potential hazards and risks during their work.

Flexibility with the scope of cleaning    

You don’t need the help of anyone who doesn’t have a thorough idea of what to do. Your service provider should go beyond a normal and regular cleaning process to create a clean and safe office. Look for a flexible company that will customize your needs and meet your requirements. It should be a service that is highly alert, open to discussing your needs and very reliable. Professional cleaners know how to advise on making your office a better working environment. Go for such. For more information, contact a business such as Crystal Waters Cleaning Services.


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