As the seasons change and the weather heats up many Australians are switching between their winter weight quilts and summer weight quilts. If you are looking to upgrade your summer bedding, here are some reasons to consider switching to a wool quilt from a company like Luxor Linen

Moisture control

If you tend to be a sweaty sleeper, particularly in the warmer months, wool can be a great option. By naturally absorbing moisture, it creates a more comfortable sleeping environment, especially on warm nights. Sleeping in a moist environment can aggravate excema and other skin conditions, so sleeping in a wool quilt can be more comfortable, especially those with sensitive skin.

Natural temperature control

While wool is often associated with warmth, it is naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter. While you might opt for a heavier weight wool quilt in winter, this does make wool an ideal option for summer and transitional months, providing a much more even body temperature for the sleeper. If you share a bed with someone who favours a different temperature this can be a great benefit as the wool can adjust to both of your natural body temperatures.

Naturally hypoallerginic

As the weather gets warmer, another natural change is an uptick in pollen as the native flowers start blooming. This can set allergies to run high, so having bedding that is naturally hypoallerginic is a great way to lower the overall allergen load for people who suffer from hayfever or other seasonal allergies. Not having an itchy face or runny nose can obviously help to make you sleep easier at night!

Flame retardant

Many house fires start and spread while the occupants are asleep, particularly from sparking electrical equipment or smouldering candles or cigarettes. While it’s best to avoid these sources of ignition obviously, wool is naturally flame retardant and indeed wool was traditionally used in fire blankets. This can help anxious folks to sleep more easily knowing they are a little more safe under wool.

Even appearance

While wool is not as fluffy as down quilts, it has a much smoother and more elegant profile. This is an ideal appearance for people with modern bedrooms, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. 

With all of these reasons to switch to wool there is no excuse to wait any longer. Why not upgrade your summer quilt today to a brand new wool quilt and reap the benefit of an easy night’s sleep?