With houses being constructed closer together, it’s natural to feel like your patios and backyards no longer have the same level of privacy you desire. Luckily, some creative ideas will help you create the private patios you desire without having to make a monumental effort. Depending on your patio space, you can use these innovative ways to turn patios into private havens without compromising on their decorative appeal. 

Add Hanging Pots Tiers 

You can add both shade and privacy to your patio by adding tiers of hanging pots with overflowing plants fastened to multi-layered hanging potholders. When looking for hanging plants to add privacy, look for fuller plants that cover the border of the pots. Fuller plants will cover more of your patio space to give you the solace you need. You can place these hanging pot tier holders along corners of your patio to control your privacy. When shopping at a nursery, look for full-bodied flowering plants like begonias, camellias and azaleas to add secluded privacy and vibrant colour. 

Install Privacy Screens 

The biggest advantage of privacy screens is their flexibility of movement. They can be moved around different parts of the patio to control the privacy desired. Privacy screens are available in different colours, materials and sizes, so decide what you want before purchasing one. Since you are using the privacy screen for your outdoor patios, be sure to use weatherproof materials like bamboo, wood and PVC materials. Installing privacy screens is an excellent way to add decorative appeal, while creating a private little retreat.  

Add Trellises with Growing Vines 

Trellises provide another excellent opportunity to uplift the appearance of a patio with their visual impact. This decorative structure is usually made from interwoven pieces of wood, metal or bamboo. Further privacy can be added to patios by growing vines on the trellises that cover them. Vines like morning glory, clematis, golden hops, climbing hydrangea, jasmine and bougainvillea grow beautifully on supportive trellises to add both visual appeal and practical privacy to patios. Check what vines are available at your local nursery before settling on your final choice. 

Place Plants in Elevated Garden Pots 

Another simple but effective way to add privacy is to place your plants in elevated garden pots around the edges of your patio space. These elevated garden pots will add height to most of your plants, flowers and shrubs, while giving your patio space a delightful tropical feel. Placing your elevated garden pots close together will create a private wall covering to give you the seclusion you desire in your patio. Your local nursery is likely to have different pots of varying heights, so be sure to check out some options for your patio. 

Use these creative privacy ideas to turn patios into secluded havens for you and your family to enjoy.