Ready made curtains are excellent and economical choices for most rooms because they embellish and add character to the area beautifully. Since they are available off-the-rack, they tend to be cheaper than custom-made curtains. But while you’re probably thinking that you’ll have an easy choice when buying ready made curtains, think again! You’ll need to consider size, colour and gathers to get the right curtains for your rooms. This guide is designed to help you choose the right ready made curtains for your home.

Take Measurements Based on Preference

Even though you’ve decided to go the ready made way, different styles come in different lengths and sizes, so you’ll want to measure your window width and length to determine the size you require. You can look for curtains in the category of the width and length needed. For example, some homeowners may prefer larger floor-to-ceiling wide curtains, while others may prefer sill-length curtains that simply cover the length and breadth of the window. Measure the size of the curtain pole to help you with width. When it comes to length, you can choose curtains at a windowsill level, below windowsill level or floor level.  

Consider the Gathering You Desire

Curtains with gathers have a pleated, bunched or looped look to add more style and character to the drapery. Without gathers, curtains look like flat fabric pieces with no personality. You can choose the type of gathering based on your personal style and existing home décor. For example, pencil pleated curtains are pulled into thin bunches at the top to give the effect of a row of pencils standing together. They are perfectly suited to vintage and older style homes with elaborate furnishings. Eyelet curtains are more contemporary, where the top of the curtain has large openings for looping into the pole, forming consistent large pleats ­­–– ideal for people that enjoy uniformity.

Choose a Colour that Refreshes the Room with Style

When it comes to colour choices, you can blend in with the existing walls and décor by using the same colour tone in a darker or lighter shade, or you can choose to highlight your curtain drapery by choosing an offbeat colour that creates added personality. Choosing similar colours in different tones gives the room a more formal finish, while choosing an unconventional colour is better suited to more casual spaces. For example, a neutral curtain in neutral living room décor adds a degree of elegant formality. If you want to get funky with colours, you could add bright red or blue curtains to your pale yellow bedroom walls for a refreshing change.

If you have an evo track curtain heading system, be sure to look for ready made curtains that fit into this technology. Follow these vital considerations when choosing curtains for your home.