Couch grass is the most popular grass type in Australia because it’s affordable, durable, and actually saves home owners each month on utility bills. While it’s not always the best solution, there are enough benefits to outweigh the cons. Here are a few things to know about cough turf to help you make an informed purchasing decision:

Grows Quickly

Couch grass grows very quickly, which is why turf farms are willing to sell it at such an inexpensive price. Home owners love it because you’re able to install the turf and if it ever becomes damaged, the blades repair themselves faster than other grass types, allowing your grass to look impeccable at all times.

The problems that home owners sometimes have with the grass is that it can grow in unwanted places. Because it grows so deep, sometimes will be sprout up in pathways or in nearby garden beds. To prevent this, you’ll have to cut the lawn much more frequently and be mindful of where you’re planting the grass.

Needs Lots of Sun

Couch grass has terrible sunlight absorption properties. For this reason, it requires direct sunlight in order to grow. So, you will need to be mindful not to install the grass under large trees or at angle of your house where it could be blocked off from the sun for hours of the day. Without the sun, the grass will shrivel and die, so you’ll want to be mindful to clear all potential obstructions in advance.

One way home owners have combatted this is by maintaining regularly pruned plants so that the other plant life does not block the grass. They’ve also taken more time during the planning stages of their home garden to layout specific areas where the couch grass can be installed to maximise sun absorption and photosynthesis, and then design the rest of the plant placements around that area.

Extremely Drought Tolerant

Couch grass is actually one of the best options for areas that experience extreme droughts. As long as the grass receives plenty of direct sunlight, it will appear healthy and green much longer than other grass types. This is because the grass has so many underground runners and goes so deep that it’s able to support itself longer. Eventually, should it die off, it will grow back faster than other grass types as well, restoring a healthy green look to your landscaping.

This is also great for home owners who want to save money because the couch grass requires less watering. You’ll see lower utility bills from month to month. Contact a company such as Mardi Park Turf to learn more.