As parts of Australia shiver under a cold snap, spare a thought for your poor garden which is also feeling the drop in temperature. If you didn’t do any winter prep work during autumn, it’s not too late to grab some landscaping supplies and head outside to show your garden some love. There are three main tasks you can do during the cold weather.

Spread Some Mulch

Spreading some mulch around the base of your trees and shrubs, or over your garden beds, will provide a much-needed blanket when the temperatures drop. A layer of mulch acts like an insulation sheet which keeps the soil temperature even and slows the rate of the heat leaving the soil.

Winter mulch is heavier than summer mulch as it needs to be denser to keep the heat in the ground. Wood mulches such as bark work well in the winter. Try to avoid hay mulch unless you are certain you are purchasing seedless hay otherwise you may find you have extra weeds to attend to in a few weeks time.

Prune The Dead Wood

Winter is not an ideal time to prune the dead wood from your trees as they are in a dormant growth state and you don’t want to shock them. However, if you did not do this task earlier in the year, then you need to consider doing it now.

Trees need energy to keep themselves dormant and if energy is being wasted on dead areas, it reduces the balance available to go around the tree. Prune away the dead wood so the tree can maximise its energy use. This will increase the odds of it making it through a cold winter.

Keep Up The Feeding

Another way to keep up the energy levels of your plants and trees is to remember to feed them. While they won’t need as much as during their peak growth times in the summer, it is important to remember to add compost to the soil so it remains full of rich nutrients for your plants to feed off.

If you’re not sure of how to do some of these tasks, or other needed landscaping, or if you have particular concerns about any of your plants during the cold snap, contact a company like Great Southern Lawns & Gardens in your area to have a professional landscaper help protect your greenery.

Spare a thought for your much-loved garden as you huddle next to the fire during winter. The time you invest getting it through this cold crisis will be rewarded when healthy vegetation springs back into life in a few months time.