If you have never used a locksmith before, and you’re not sure whether this type of professional can help you with an issue related to your vehicle, your door locks or an access entry system, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions that can firm up your knowledge about what locksmiths can offer you:

How Are Car Keys Duplicated? — The common misconception is that car keys are duplicated the same way as standard door keys, but that’s not true. To duplicate your car keys, a locksmith needs what is known as the key code for the make, model and year of your vehicle. Only the dealer where your vehicle was originally purchased has this key code, and you will need your car registration and proof that you’re the owner before the dealer will provide you with this code.

If your vehicle has a transponder key which uses a transmitter to emit a signal to your vehicle before it will start, then a locksmith will need the code for the transponder as well as for the key.

What Is Rekeying? — When a locksmith changes the cylinder components inside the locks of your residence or your vehicle so that your existing keys won’t work, this is known as a rekey. Locksmiths can offer you rekeying instead of replacing all your locks, because it’s less expensive. If you’re moving into a house that was owned by someone else, and you want to ensure that your premises are safe, you can rekey the locks and have a locksmith create new keys, assuring that none of the old keys belonging to the previous owners will work.

Because locksmiths don’t have to remove the entire lock from a door, rekeying is a more economical way to provide safety and security and peace of mind if you lose your keys, or if you just suspect someone else has a copy of your existing keys.

What is a Code Number? — Most standard keys have a code number etched directly on the keys. It’s a good idea for you to write down this number and keep it somewhere safe, because if you ever lose that set of keys, you can call a locksmith with that code number, and have new keys made without paying for the locksmith to make an expensive service call. Locksmiths can duplicate standard door keys with the code number, or by seeing the cuts on the key. They can also make new keys by examining your locks, but the least expensive way is to use the code number for duplication.

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