If you are designing or building a tiny house, you are likely researching all kinds of space-saving options, and in the category of doors, one of the most space saving options is the roll a door. No longer the purview of garages alone, roll a doors are now used all over houses, and they can be an important part of your tiny house as well.

To get you inspired, here are three ways you should consider using roll a doors in your tiny house.

1. Room dividers

Anything that can fill more than one function at a time is treasured in a tiny house. For example, people put toilets in showers, and they loft beds and turn the spaces underneath into offices. A roll a door strategically located in your tiny home can help you make all of it available for multiple uses.

When the door is up, your entire home is one (relatively) big space, perfect for entertaining. However, when you roll your door down, you have a separate bedroom where you can conveniently put the kids to bed while you stay up late in the newly created second room. Alternatively, you can use the roll a door to give overnight guests privacy or to turn your tiny home into two separate offices.

When used as room dividers, roll a doors can help you configure your home as you want it, and they help create newfound versatility.

2. Murphy bed roll a doors

Rather than using large roll a doors in the middle of your tiny house to subdivide it into rooms, you can combine a murphy bed and a roll a door to make a discrete hidden bedroom. Murphy beds are beds that fold into the wall, and roll a doors give you a convenient way to hide these beds so you can access them only when you need them.

3. Optional patio creation

To help their small homes seem larger, many tiny house builders like to play with the idea of removable sides. Instead of having a tiny house that is framed by four traditional walls, consider forgoing one wall and replacing it with a roll a door.

On nice days, you simply need to open this door. Add a patio or cool outdoor area next to your door, and you have a tiny house that feels instantly larger and more fun.

4. Convenient interior doors

In addition to using roll a doors externally on a tiny home, you can use them internally as well. Many tiny homes are designed like efficiency flats with one area hosting the kitchen, lounge and bedroom.

However, these tiny spaces can have multiple rooms, but they can’t waste a lot of space for doors that swing with a wide radius. Instead, if you want closet doors or bathroom doors, make them convenient by using roll a doors rather than hinged doors. Contact companies like Greg James Garage Doors to learn more.