When you undergo a kitchen renovation, you have to make a huge number of decisions. One of the standout elements of any kitchen that you’ll have to decide on is the countertop. It covers a lot of space, it is used to prepare meals, and it can also be a social space where you relax over a glass of wine with friends.

Natural stone is a typical choice, as are tiles, but what about glass? If you haven’t considered glass countertops as a material option, here are three things that make glass the perfect choice for your kitchen counters:

Glass repels stains. One of the great advantages of glass counters is that this material does not stain at all, and the kitchen is the one room in the house where you are likely to encounter staining. Imagine that you are chopping up beetroot and some of the purple stain gets on to the counter, or that you are cooking a delicious Indian curry and you accidentally get some turmeric on the countertop. When you opt for glass, these situations don’t have to be at all bothersome. Just wipe down the glass with a gentle soap and water solution and the stains will disappear.

Glass also repels bacteria. It’s also important that your kitchen is a safe place to be since it’s the place where you will be preparing family meals. With so much food out in the open, you want to make sure that your kitchen is a bacteria free environment so that your family meals are as healthy as they can possibly be. Another great advantage is that bacteria simply doesn’t like glass. This is because the material is non-porous unlike some natural stone countertop options that are more likely to harbour bacteria.

Glass is heat resistant. When you have lots of pots and pans bubbling away on the stove, your kitchen can really heat up. With some other materials like vinyl, it’s not a great idea to place those scorching hot pans directly on the countertop, but with glass, you won’t even have to think about it. You won’t need to give the glass any additional treatment to make it heat resistant; it’s just the natural quality of the material.

For serious cooks and people who want their countertops to last a long time, glass countertops are the ultimate choice for a kitchen renovation. Learn more about your options by consulting resources like Kitchen Connection.