Bifold doors are ideal for residential installation because they consume less space compared to the conventional swinging alternatives. They also add aesthetic interest in the home and provide easy access because the door panels open up completely. The popularity of wooden material in the construction of bifold doors is attributed to obvious benefits such as natural appeal, insulation and longevity. If you are interested in installing a timber bifold feature, consider using these simple guidelines to choose the ideal product.

Type Of Wood

The type of timber used in the manufacture of the bifold door will determine the durability and the degree of visual appeal achieved in the home. Solid and engineered hardwood materials are advantageous because of the extended durability and general resilience attained. However, the initial cost of purchase is considerably higher than other materials, so it may not fit into the set budget. You can also choose plantation softwood alternatives such as pine which are relatively cheap and quite durable when treated to increase resistance. You should also evaluate aesthetic value based on the wood colour and grain before purchasing the ideal door.


There are different forms of glass materials that can be installed in timber bifold doors. If you are purchasing an exterior door which may be vulnerable to unauthorised intrusion, it is advisable to purchase a product with security glass such as toughened or laminated glass. This is also a prudent choice for internal doors to mitigate the risk of injury in case of breakage. You can also choose frosted or clear materials depending on the level of privacy and natural lighting desired. In addition, ensure that the bifold glazing is insulated to mitigate energy inefficiency.


Timber bifold doors can be purchased in a wide range of sizes to meet different size requirements so the choice will depend on the space in your home. You should note that standard product sizes are generally cheaper than custom specifications since they are readily available at most stores. Inquire about the suitable opening patterns for timber bifold doors from your preferred vendor and choose the product that matches the space around the access feature.


You can purchase timber bifold doors as unfinished, prefinished or even primed products depending on your style requirements. Moreover, wood can be stained or painted to match the rest of the home decor. Most homeowners favour varnishes that highlight the natural beauty of the wood so consider this option for traditional appeal.

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