A bathroom renovation can add needed style and storage space to the room, and even add value to your home. Prospective buyers know how expensive and time-consuming it is to renovate a bathroom, so a home with updated bathrooms is sure to attract more buyers than those with outdated baths. Note a few important reminders for when you’re planning a bathroom renovation.

1. You need affordable alternatives for surface materials.

You may have your heart set on a hardwood floor and granite countertop for a bathroom vanity, but know how expensive those materials can be. However, you have many affordable alternatives for surface materials. You’ll want to be sure you investigate them before spending money on materials or assuming your renovation is out of your budget.

As examples, vinyl floor tiles may look just like hardwood, or you might choose a stained bamboo for a more affordable option than mahogany. Vinyl tiles can also look like stone and these can be used in a shower surround. Poured concrete can be painted or stained to look like granite, or buffed to look like glass for your vanity countertop. Remnants of granite are a good option, or you might look for reclaimed wood for the floors. Be sure you’ve exhausted all these options before you assume you cannot afford the look you want in the bathroom.

2. Use glass in small, dark bathrooms.

Many bathrooms are smaller and dark since they may not have a window, or just a small window that doesn’t allow in much light. If this is the case in your bathroom, use glass to bounce around light. This can mean a glass shower screen or glass tile for the shower surround and floor. Lighter materials may not absorb light but they may not bounce and reflect it either, so use glass as a material as often as you can in small, dark bathrooms.

3. Don’t sacrifice storage for square footage.

A large, open bathroom can seem very inviting and can make getting ready for work every day much easier. However, if you sacrifice storage space just to open up the square footage, you may find that the space is clumsy and doesn’t work as well as you assumed. While pushing back a closet wall or taking out a shelving unit can make the space seem open, you need to ensure that you have adequate storage in your new bath.

Consider building shelves into the walls between the studs so they don’t take up floor space, or adding a shelf along the top of the wall for towels and other such items. This will ensure your bathroom renovation works for you in every way. Resources like Summit Bathrooms could help you if you need a second opinion.