Having pets and children in the home can be a stressful endeavour for anyone. It can be even more stressful when you have screen doors. You want your pets and children to be safe, but you also want the benefits of having a screen door. If you are looking for screen door options that can give you the best of both worlds, consider these options every pet owner and parent should have.

Child Proof Lock

One of the accessories you can buy for your screen doors, to make them safer for children and pets, is a child proof lock. There is a misconception that these locks attach to or replace an existing lock on the door. The truth is, most of these locks are designed to be fixed to the top of the door where only adults can reach the mechanism. You can use these on traditional, storm, and sliding screen doors to keep children or pets from opening and nudging the door and getting out.

Safety Screens

You may think of a child barrier or gate when you think of a door having a safety screen. Some screen door companies are now expanding to offer pre-built doors that are equipped with a safety gate on the bottom half of the door. These doors will have a locking mechanism that holds the gate securely in place and prevents it from being open. The screens are usually made of a heavy duty material that can keep pets and children from tearing or punching out the screen by running into or pushing the gate material.

Lock Bars

If you want something a little more secure than a child proof lock, and if the idea of replacing a child gate within a year or two doesn’t appeal to you, then a lock bar may be an ideal option. Lock bars are an accessory you can use on your existing or new sliding screen door. This bar is placed at any point on the door frame. Some parents move them to the very top or very bottom of the door area to make them harder to unlock by small hands. The bar, when locked in place, prevents the interior or screen door from opening or moving at all.

These are just three options you can consider if you want to keep your screen door safe, locked, and closed against children and pets. You also have other options available to you that your screen door installation professional can discuss with you. For more information, contact a business such as Max Security Doors & Screens.