The light fixtures you choose for your home may be more important than you think. Dull and yellow light can make a space seem bland and uninviting, and a fixture that doesn’t adequately light an entire space can cause you to squint and struggle to see. At the same time you may want to install lighting that helps you create a calm and relaxing mood in your home. Note a few tips from decorating pros for choosing light fixtures (from stores like Lighting & Ceramics) in your home.

1. Spotlight Work Areas

Work areas may include a kitchen island or a desk in the study. A good way to spotlight this area is to add pendant lighting in addition to your main lighting fixture in the room. Separate pendant lights that hang over your work area can give you added light in this spot, and ensures you won’t block the room’s light when you stand or lean over the work area. Pendant lights can also help to anchor this area and make it look more prominent in the room, adding to its visual appeal.

2. Use Pot Lights for Larger Rooms

One challenge with larger rooms is how to illuminate them completely without overwhelming the space with a large fixture or several fixtures that may wind up making the room look cluttered. A good solution is to add pot lights to the outer edges of the room. These are recessed lights that work on a separate switch. For very large rooms, you might have them on several different switches so you can more easily control the light. Pot lights or recessed lighting will allow you to add more light to those dark corners without cluttering up the space with extra fixtures or lamps.

3. Always Keep Fixtures Proportionate to the Space and Furniture

As much as you may love the look of a grand chandelier in the dining room, if your space is small this may simply be too overwhelming. At the same time, it’s good to invest in a larger fixture for a larger room so it doesn’t simply disappear into the ceiling. Note the size of the space and your furniture and buy a fixture accordingly; choose a long rectangular fixture for your dining room if you have a long table, but a rounded fixture if your table is round. Choosing different shapes than your furniture or sizes that are too small or too large can make your fixture seem out of place.