To really make a statement with your interior design you should consider integrating some decorative firewood throughout your home. There’s nothing like the rustic, natural appearance of dried firewood and it can augment any decorative style. What solutions are available for you?


If you have a fireplace feature in your living room consider a traditional log mantelpiece above it. This can really add character to the room and is a great place to display some of your more cherished photographs or artifacts. There are usually two different profiles. The first has a smoother outcome, as the wood is planed throughout, before being sanded. The second has a more natural appearance, with the outer edge of the original felled timber making up the profile. These items will be kiln dried.


Next, consider some log pedestals as accent pieces. These can be purchased in either soft or hardwood varieties. Logs are cut to various different lengths and stripped of their bark. They can serve as bedside tables or coffee tables in the living room. The logs are dried in a two stage process in a kiln, to remove as much water as possible. This stresses the log , which produces the popular, distinctive cracking. The pedestal will nevertheless have a smooth outer “side” layer, which can be decorated in any finish or colour to match the rest of your room.


If you have a large, open fireplace which you don’t use for its original intended purpose, consider filling it with decorative logs. A number of different species are available to you, each with a different look and feel to fit in best with your room’s decor and configuration.

For example, hardwood split logs are first sawn into smaller batches before being dried in a kiln. Most of the bark remains, to give that natural rustic appeal. They can be cut to different lengths and therefore ordered according to your available space. If you want a more “golden” look consider sweet chestnut logs. In this case most of the bark is removed, although a few pieces may remain to provide some contrast. This type of wood is much lighter and when kiln dried produces a golden appearance.

If you actually use your fireplace for its intended purpose then you may like to add a special decorative log rack to an adjacent space. You can populate this area with decorative logs that are made for the purpose, while using “ordinary” logs from your back yard to actually throw on the fire!

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