A very cheap storage solution that is easily overlooked are mason jars. As long as you can organize them properly, you can use mason jars as storage in every room of your house, for almost any item that fits them.

Kitchen storage

The cheapest kitchen storage you can find is mason jars. You can put anything in them, from pasta to sauces, from rice to beans, from spices to dried herbs and teas ready to be used.

You can put them on shelves or in cupboards, or you can make them be proper jars by painting the lids and gluing glass knobs to the lid. If you put the jars on shelves, make sure to put a lip at the edge of the shelf so they don’t fall off.

A metal clothing drawer will serve as both storage for your jars, and for your pots if you want to hang them up with S-hooks. Just make sure to paint it to match your kitchen so it doesn’t look out of place.

Living room & study

If you’re out of storage space in your study, you can use painted mason jars. Paint the jar with two coats of a metallic or mirror paint on the inside, so the paint doesn’t get chipped once you start using it. Then add a knob as explained before, and paint it as well. This will give you some precious-looking storage for bits and bobs from your living room and study, such as guests’ cookies, pens and other office supplies, or maybe craft items if you’re into that.

You can add these on your walls with a spare piece of wood and some pipe clamps. Screw the board to the wall, then as many pipe clams as mason jars you need on the board. Put the jars under the pipe clamp so it holds them from the middle. Then, tighten it until it’s very tight and the jars feel secure.

You can glue them bottom to the wall in a pyramid pattern to have a modern circular storage space to store pens, pencils, art supplies, or even makeup!


You can use the same methods as you did in the kitchen or living room. A mason jar painted with matte paint to match the tiles or a metallic paint to match the fixtures will look very chic. You can use it to store makeup or toothbrushes. You can either affix them with the plank method above (but not on the tiles, because you may shatter them; just on the wall), or you can put them on the shelves you already have for more organization.

Mason jars can be used in a thousand ways as cheap storage containers with a little patience and a lot of creativity.