Before the summer ends and it gets too cold to spend time outside, make the most of some craft time outdoors with your toddler. Here is an easy craft using garden pots that you can do with your little one. You do not need to buy expensive garden pots because once they are decorated, they will look as good as anything that you can buy in a store. They will also be perfect for using when spring planting rolls around.

Geranium Pots

Geranium pots let your child enjoy the sensory fun of painting with sponges. To do this craft you need:

  • Terracotta garden pots
  • Two sponges – a soft natural sponge works well
  • Acrylic paint colours of your choice. Be sure to include green paint for the shrubbery
  • Spray on sealer

The garden pots can be purchased at your local garden centre (or a store like Wentworth Falls Pots), while the paints and sponges can be purchased at any craft shop.

When you are ready to begin, head outside onto the deck and spread out some newspaper or a vinyl tablecloth so that you can protect the deck from painting mishaps. Next:

  1. Put a dab of each of the paint colours onto a paper plate so that your toddler is not having to squeeze the paint bottles.
  2. Choose the main colour that you want the geranium flower to be and dip the sponge into this colour. Helpful hint: if your toddler puts too much paint onto the sponge, dab it a couple of times onto a paper towel before you place it against the pot. Overly wet blobs of paint may run, and will also dry badly.
  3. Dab the sponge onto different parts of the garden pot. Make sure that no two blobs are too close together. This main colour represents the geranium flower.
  4. Next, use a new sponge to dab green blotches on each side of the main colour. This represents the leaves of the geranium.
  5. Allow the pots to dry for 24 hours before you spray them with a clear coat of sealant. This will protect the pots from the weather if you plan to use them outside.

Whether you choose to keep these for yourself, or give them away to other family members as a gift, geranium pots are pretty and easy to make. To make the complete gift package, plant a geranium inside the pot before you give it away. Not only will you have some fun in the sun with your little one, but you can enhance the garden one pot at a time.