When it comes to window coverings, you have a lot of choices on the market, including blinds, shutters and curtains. If your heart is set on blinds, and you’re down to venetian blinds or roller blinds, here are some important things to know about these blinds so that you can decide which one best matches your needs.


Venetian blinds are a popular type of blinds that are shaped in horizontal slats. They are usually controlled by a pull cord that opens and closes the blinds, depending on the level of light and privacy you want in your home or flat. Venetian blinds are typically made from material such as PVC, wood or aluminium, and each type has its benefits.

For example, aluminium is very lightweight and doesn’t crack, peel, warp or react to moisture, so it has multiple room applications. Wood is a classic choice with an appearance that elevates the look of any room, and it makes for a heavy and durable venetian blinds. But wood is expensive, and it’s also difficult to maintain and is also not resistant to moisture, so putting wooden venetian blinds in the bathroom may be an issue.

Wood is also susceptible to termites, fading and yellowing. PVC venetian blinds are probably the strongest and most durable you can buy. They also require very little maintenance, and you can buy PVC blinds that mimic the appearance of wood, without having to pay the price of buying real wood.

Venetian blinds can be cut to fit almost any kind of window configuration, and they offer you control over privacy and the amount of light that enters a room.


Unlike venetian blinds, roller blinds are made from fabric, and they are manually controlled by a winding device such as a chain, instead of a cord. They don’t have any slats, so they’re a solid style of blinds, which means that to control the amount of light and privacy, you can only lower or raise the blinds, unlike with a venetian blind, which can remain all the way down, but can still allow light by opening the slats.

Roller blinds are easy to install and easy to maintain, needing only to be hand-vacuumed or brushed. Many styles of roller blinds can also be washed. Remember also that because they’re made of fabric, light will come through roller blinds with much more intensity than with venetian blinds.

Choosing between these two styles of blinds is a personal choice. Venetian blinds offer more control over light and privacy, but roller blinds are less expensive, easier to install and require little maintenance. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Learn more about your options by visiting local suppliers such as Roslay Blinds & Curtains.