When you’re moving house, you will likely have to hire a removalist to do the heavy lifting for you. But removalists are not just useful when it comes to hauling your furniture and other belongings, they can also help you with the pre- and post-moving tasks that are just as important as the actual transport. So to help you understand the packing options they can offer you, here’s a quick rundown of those services.

Full Packing — With a full packing service, a removalist will pack every item that you are taking on your move or that you are placing into a self-storage unit. A full pack service will include wrapping delicate items in a way that ensures maximum protection, as well as dismantling furniture items such as beds, tables and shelves, and reassembling them when those items arrive at your new destination. Most removalists will also create a master inventory list that details the contents of each box for easy identification, although there are some companies that only provide this service if your belongings are going into long-term storage. By choosing a full pack service, you don’t have to do any of the work, but you will pay a premium for it.

Half Packing — If you only want a removalist to pack delicate or fragile items that could break on the way to your new location, you can select a half or partial packing service. With this option, removalists will arrive at your house on or before your move date, and box the special items in a way that ensures they are padded and protected during the move. You would be responsible for the remainder of the packing.

Self Packing — When you choose a self packing option, a removalist will provide you with all the boxes and packing supplies you need in order for you to pack your items. Self packing can save you a lot of money because you will only be paying a removalist to lift the items into the moving truck and transport them to your new living quarters, but keep in mind that some removalists won’t offer insurance for self-packed items, as they can’t guarantee that you boxed them in a manner that guarantees they won’t suffer damage en route.

Full Unpacking — Once a removalist arrives at your new home, you can select a full unpacking option, in which the removalists will unpack all your items and place them in the location that you’ve designated in advance.

Partial Unpacking — Choose a partial unpacking service if you only want a removalist to unpack and place your fragile or delicate items where you want them in your new residence.

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